Man United Winning EPL Depends On Pogba

By | January 19, 2021

LONDON: Manchester United legend Gary Neville insists the Red Devils cannot win the English Premier League (EPL) unless Paul Pogba gives his best performance for two or three months.

The French star is back in touch with the team and is starting to show good performance for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad.

Neville thinks the World Cup winner is a player who is able to increase the confidence level of other players and make a difference in the race to win the championship.

“I think Manchester United’s chances of winning the league are slim – Liverpool and Manchester City are still the two best teams in the league,” said Neville.

“But the slim chance they have of winning this league will depend on something like Paul Pogba giving a brilliant performance of two or three months, which he is capable of doing.

“He is confident, he is arrogant – a good arrogant, in other words that he believes in himself.

“He thinks he deserves to play in the biggest game in the world, and win titles, and be positive. Thinking of yourself as the best is important when you want to win,” Neville said.